Join Us

To become a  member of the Ontario Chapter, you must first be a current member of the Association of  Professional Genealogists (APG). You do not have to reside in Ontario to be a Chapter member.
Professional does not mean we are all researchers  for hire. Our group welcomes anyone who aspires to recognized standards in  genealogical research and family history writing. We have members who work in  allied fields such as libraries, archives and publishing. We have members whose  primary interest is in education through writing, speaking, and teaching  courses and workshops. We have members whose main goal is to produce their own quality family history. We have members in almost every corner of this great  province and country.

Once you are a  member of the APG, please complete the  OCAPG membership form ~ 2024 to join the Ontario Chapter. Dues may be paid by cheque or e-transfer to our chapter treasurer.

The OCAPG membership fee is $12.00 per calendar year. Joining in late fall will extend membership through the following calendar year.

Chapter Membership Benefits

  • Peer support  is very beneficial for discussing research strategies and methodology, mutual  concerns about business management and records access, and for improving our  skills
  • Members are entitled to contribute to our meeting agendas, participate in discussions, vote on motions and in elections, and take a turn on the  executive. Members do not have to reside in Ontario to be on the executive.
  • On our  website, members appear, if they wish, with a short biography and contact  information. Here we promote our services to the public and potential clients.  Researchers can list their specialty areas. Members who do not research for clients may describe their affiliations, products or other interests and  services.
  • Our  electronic mailing list is exclusive to members only. It allows us to share news updates and seek assistance or recommendations from our colleagues.
  • Most months we have an online chat (business meeting and discussion) via Zoom. This provides an opportunity to brainstorm on genealogical problem-solving, professional issues or chapter projects. Members can bring a guest to meetings.
  • Members are  given a reduced rate for our special events.