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What’s new with our members?


Theresa McVean
co-founder and CEO of Ancestree Detectives , was elected Chair of OCAPG

Elizabeth “Holly” Haimerl:
new role as Interim Genealogist, Sir Guy Carleton, UELAC


Theresa McVean:
Live interview on CHCH about Ancestree Detectives watch the recorded interview here

Janice Nickerson:
Feb. 19th (2:00 p.m. Eastern): Legacy webinar “How to locate an ancestor in Ontario, Canada West or Upper Canada” (when you don’t know where they lived)


Elizabeth “Holly” Haimerl:
Interim Genealogist, Sir Guy Carleton, UELAC -elected Vice-Chair OCAPG
Mar 27-28th : Powerpoint for OCAPG that aired on Gene-O-Rama Marketplace

Tammy Tipler-Priolo:
Apr 8, 6:00 p.m. Legacy Webinar, “Putting down Roots for Future Generations”

Janice Nickerson:
Apr 8, 9:00 pm. Legacy webinar, “Genealogy Gifts and Games”

Jenna Lemay : appointed PMC Co-Coordinator for APG 2022 and 2023 conferences

Janice Nickerson:
June 4th – Keynote Speaker Ontario Ancestors Conference 2021 “My Roots, Your Roots, Our Ontario Roots”
June 5th,8:00 pm  My Ancestors in the Hudson’s Bay Fur Trade 
Ontario Ancestors Conference 2021
June 6th  4:30 pm  “A is for Almanacs”  Ontario Ancestors Conference 2021

Tammy Tipler-Priolo :
June 5th,9:00 am “Putting down your Roots for Future Generations”
             5:30 pm “De-Thorning Interviews, Cold Calls & First Contact”  
Ontario Ancestors Conference 2021 “My Roots, Your Roots, Our Ontario Roots”


Janice Nickerson:
Aug 20th,2:00 p.m. : Legacy webinarEarly Ontario Research”


Janice Nickerson : Virtual Genealogy Association
Dec 7th,8:00 p.m. Genealogy Gifts and Games for the Whole Family



2021 Virtual meetings via Zoom:

Date Time: Jan 6, 2021 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
First Wed of the month (except July & August)
Jan 6, 2021   07:00 PM
Feb 3, 2021   07:00 PM
Mar 3, 2021  07:00 PM
Apr 7, 2021   07:00 PM
May 5, 2021  07:00 PM
Jun 2, 2021   07:00 PM
Sep 1, 2021   07:00 PM
Oct 6, 2021   07:00 PM
Nov 3, 2021   07:00 PM
Dec 1, 2021   07:00 PM